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by David Moberg

The Story - Core cast of six required; expandable to 25

 Constellations views the parent/child relationships through the eyes of the children... and these view are not always happy.  This sometimes humorous, sometimes serious play utilizes beautiful ensemble transitions to thematically unify the many short scenes.  Constellations requires the onstage presence of all performers to create both the physical and auditory environment for each specific scene.   

The individual scenes in Constellations make superb material for a youth acting class or youth scene workshop/study. The ensemble scene transitions invite creative movement and sound for the entire cast and provide for beautiful and engaging visual spectacle. The expandable cast size make Constellations and effective choice for either large or small class performance projects.  The two to three minute scenes allow for a workable and effective rehearsal schedule.

The special world of Constellations is in the words and characters.  Large sets, extensive lighting are not required.  Constellations can be effectively performed in a classroom or large gathering room.... any place where the ensemble chorus has enough room to create the world of the play in the minds of the audience. 

Constellations invites a cast of diverse ages.  The scenes ask for truthful connection, the careful blocking, and the necessity for the performers to create believable and distinct characters defined by crucial actions. This play serves as valuable teaching tool for young actors and actresses and provides a rich and significant evening of theatre for parents and friends. Constellations requires to no special costumes.  The performers should dress to suggest the professionalism of their performance.  Small accessories can be added for each scene to suggest specific characters. $40/ $30 

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Throwaways Production Photo        
Throwaways Production - This photo shows use of minimal scenery.        
Throwaways - Youth Theatre Production Photo        
Throwaway Cast members; Age six    
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