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Hunting Aliens

by David Moberg

The Story - 4 men/3 women

Manny suffers from juvenile onset Huntington's disease, a hereditary disease that condemns him to a certain death. A harshly realistic yet highly theatrical play that lets the audience inside Manny's mind as he confronts his inevitable future.

As the play begins, we find Manny at the grave of his recently deceased sister, also a victim of Huntington's disease.  

A serious and significant look at physical and psychological challenges that Huntington's disease presents.

Single unit set; profanity; optional nudity. Limited properties and costume requirements.

Challenging, meaningful, and thought provoking....  Theatre absolutely worth doing.

$75/$60 Royalty

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Recommended for Advanced Theatre Groups

Notechtheatre, 164 NE Royce Avenue, Port St. Lucie, FL 34983 or 772 979 2262

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