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Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Killing Sarah

A comedy murder mystery by David Moberg

The Story - 6 female/4 male

The flowers from EastRich Enterprises CEO Ward Bradford's funeral haven't even wilted…. And Sarah, his sole surviving heir, is struggling to keep her head above ground… literally. At a quickly convened stockholders meeting, four contenders for the CEO job try to court or try to kill Sarah to win the position of wealth and power. Silly antics with the audience, an entertaining and quirky collection of characters, and a plot full of surprises make "Killing Sarah" an evening of delightful audience participation mystery theatre.

The audience become the stockholders who must ultimately vote to select the new chairman of EastRich.   The characters interact with the audience trying everything and anything to win their votes and support. $75/60 Royalty

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Appropriate for high school, community theatre, amateur groups, and seasoned professionals.

This production requires no special lighting, scenery, or sound.

Killing Sarah can perform almost anywhere! School cafeterias for students or parents; private dining rooms at local restaurants; clubhouses at retirement communities; fellowship halls at churches; meeting rooms at local hotels.

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Mystery Dinner Theatre Production Image          
Mystery Dinner Theatre Production Image          
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