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Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Plays

Notechtheatre currently offers six sparking, farcical, audience participation mystery dinner theatre plays. (Click titles for complete information.)

FREE Copies for these comedy murder mysteries are available online! (Click Here)


Wedding Song - 5 female/6 male/extras

Technology of a Murder - 4 female/5 male

Fond Farewell - 6 female/ 4 male

Country Cruising to Murder - 5 female/5 male

Killing Sarah - 6 female/4 male

Fanfare to Murder - 4 female/ 4 male

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These are NOT loose improv scenerios. Our plays are fully scripted and perform in and among the audience members; these plays invite carefully controlled audience participation.

These plays require no special stage area, no special technical requirements, and can be successfully performed in many venues; dining rooms, meeting rooms at local hotels, club houses, classrooms, fellowship halls, and of course, theatres.

Many high school theatre groups, community theatres, and college programs are currently performing our Murder Mysteries and having wonderful success! murder mysteries anticipate audiences responses, maximize audience participation, and offer a dazzling evening of silliness and murder that is consistently high energy, consistently entertaining, consistently successful! offers comprehensive articulate advice concerning planning and presenting Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre productions.

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Recent Feedback on our Murder Mystery productions

Our dinner theatre was a HUGE success!  We sold out for our first weekend and oversold for the second weekend (having to limit numbers of large groups.)  The audience loved the show, and some of them really got into it with the questions and trying to determine the murderer.  The audience really responded to the interaction with the cast as guests of the wedding.  I believe everyone involved had a wonderful time.  My cast, stage manager, and I all loved the show, we all had a blast!  We've been receiving calls asking for the next dinner theatre production!"

Alexis Drago, Managing Director, Mebane Theatre
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