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Open Water

A one-act comedy by David Moberg

The Story - 2 female/2 male or Expandable cast

Perfect selecton for High School Thespian Competitions!

Charming and wonderfully engaging vignettes that illustrate simple yet significant life lessons…. Lessons about love, trust, obligation, and true friendship.  A scuba diving instructor teaching a class of novices supplies the narration/scene transition device.  The stories made for effective use of limited rehearsal time.  The cast is expandable from two men and two women to five men and five women.  The stories range from hilarious and silly to poignant and thought provoking.

When a young big city girl’s fiancé stands her up at the altar, she tries to drown her sorrow in a bottle.  Her troubles multiple when she wakes up married to a gentle hearted country bumpkin.

Two women realize that they are not only married to the same truck driving husband, but have identical houses, appliances, pets, and cars!  Each sees the husband only one night a week…. But the big question…. Could this be a really good thing?

A young couple struggles with the still born death of their infant son.

Perhaps the one thing a young couple should not do together is FISH….  Particularly when the husband is not nearly the expert he thinks he is!

Because this play requires no scenery, no special lighting, no formal stage space, this play tours easily and performs effectively in any venue.... classrooms, clubhouses, private restaurant dining rooms and/or church fellowship halls. No complicated load-in or set up.... just four chairs that move around to create the play's many scenes!

The expandable cast size, the audience participation, the careful blocking, the meticulous comic timing, and the necessity for the performers to create many different and distinct characters make this play a valuable teaching tool for actors and actresses..... and a wonderful evening's entertainment for social, school, or civic events.

Open Water is scripted for four performers, two men and two women, but easily adapts to use six to ten performers.  An even number of actors to actresses is recommended.

Open Water plays continuously for approximately forty minutes.  No breaks or pauses should be taken between the vignettes. $40/$30

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Appropriate for high school, community theatre, amateur groups, and seasoned professionals.

Notechtheatre, 164 NE Royce Avenue, Port St. Lucie, FL 34983 or 772 979 2262

Open Water Image        
Open Water Production Photo        
Open Water Production Photo        
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