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Free Online Perusal Scripts and Ordering Scripts

Electronic single copies of scripts for all NoTechTheatre plays are FREE as perusal copies and will be sent to you upon request.   The scripts will be sent as Word Document attachments to your email address.

Why FREE?  NoTechTheatre realizes that finding the script that "suits" your unique production needs is crucial to the success of your season and your organization.  We are sending these perusal scripts to you as a professional courtesy.  If our plays are not appropriate for your needs, we are trusting that you will delete these perusal copies from your computer.  If at some future time, you would like to again consider one of our productions, we will be delighted to email you the play.

Contact us and tell us what scripts you would like to see.  Please include  the name of the organization with which you are involved.  We will only send two copies per request.

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Ordering Scripts For Your Production

We strive to save you money.

When you select a play for production, will grant your theatre organization permission to make one copy for each cast member, the director, and two production copies.  There will be no charge for this permission.  This permission is listed in the royalty contract.

If you prefer, you may also order manuscript copies of our plays. The cost is $8.00 each plus shipping.

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