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Congratulations! Jacob Appel - THIRDS - 2008/2009 Winner.

3rd Annual Playwrighting Contest 2009/2010

No winner was selected. All submission fees were returned to contest participants.

2nd Annual Playwrighting Contest 2008/2009

First Place - Jacob Appel - Thirds

This gentle but relevant comedy exames the lives of three sisters as they confront the selling of the "family home."

Jacob Appel's plays have been performed at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre, Adrienne Theatre, Detroit Repertory Theatre, Heller Theatre, Curtain Players, Epilogue Players and elsewhere, and have received numerous public readings.

1st Annual Playwrighting Contest 2007/2008

First Place - Troy Shearer - Dyin' Free

Dying' Free takes place on a small Northern Maryland slave farm in 1859, five years before the eventual abolition of slavery.  On this farm two men, the owner and the owned, are in search of two different forms of freedom.  When the slave's plan of escape is discovered, drastic measures must be taken.

We believe that producing new plays is essential to the life of the American Theatre. We hope to encourage the development of new work that is truly relevant to the life of specific communities; new work that encourages playwrights to write for the "hometown" theatres;  new work that doesn't have to "redefine the theatre art" or "recolor the universe" but work that may tell old stories in new ways or new stories in old ways; new work that tells the audiences about the themselves NOT about the artist.  David Moberg, Editor, NoTechTheatre

Notechtheatre strives to support the development and production of new plays by actively representing quality plays and providing financial support to playwrights and selected educational arts organizations.

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