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by David Moberg

The Story - Core cast of nine required; expandable to 25

A warm, touching one-act written for young children in easy to memorize rhyme.  Throwaways has an expandable cast, requires limited rehearsal time, integrates performers of varied age and experience, and can be staged with very little scenery and minimum costumes.

The scene is the bedroom with a very elderly lady who is sleeping peacefully.  The elderly lady is represented by pillows tucked tastefully under a thick puffy comforter.  The sleeping lady is dutifully guarded by her grouchy dogs, conceited cats, and eager birds; all played by the young performers. 

Surrounding her in the room is her treasured collection of dolls: the pretty princess dolls, the graceful ballerinas, the homespun rag dolls,  the elegant heirloom dolls, and the colorful and diverse souvenir dolls.  Children of all ages and experience portray the various dolls.  The number of dolls in the cast can expand to include as many children as possible! 

Throwaways addresses our fear of change.  Questions like "Who will like me if I move to a new place?"  "Who will like me if I'm not always the most beautiful person in the class?"  "Who will take care of me as I get older?"   Throwaways' message is direct, relevant, and inspiring.  Change is the natural order of all things.  Change leads us to wonderful new experiences, people, and places.  Change teaches us to believe in ourselves and to trust our own decisions.

Throwaways requires a core cast of nine characters; three of the parts must be female, but the breakdown can vary.... even a cast of all female is possible!  Up to twenty-five young students could be included in this production.  Many of the lines can be said in unison by the "groups of dolls"  or assigned to individuals. 

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Throwaways Production Photo        
Throwaways Production - This photo shows use of minimal scenery.        
Throwaways - Youth Theatre Production Photo        
Throwaway Cast members; Age six    
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